Industrial Flooring

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We specialise in industrial flooring for a wide range of different industries and sectors. Choose from the list below for more information about a specific sector, or contact us if you have a niche that is not listed here.

The pages listed below cover the usual industries we encounter most often, but it is by no means an exhaustive list. Resin industrial flooring is versatile enough to work in almost any environment, both indoors and outdoors alike, and we are always more than happy to advise on whether a resin floor would be right for your premises.

If you don’t want to browse by specific industries, check our Resin Flooring pages for some more general overviews of characteristics we can offer, such as anti static, anti slip and chemical resistant flooring

Commercial Flooring

General purpose commercial flooring for all types of business premises.

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Car Park Flooring

Durable, weather-proof car park flooring for single-level and multi-storey car parks undercover and open to the air.

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Airport Flooring (Aerospace)

Large airport flooring installations for passenger terminals, hangars and aerospace freight distribution centres

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Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Safe and hygienic commercial kitchen flooring with extra grip for greasy conditions and cooking oil spills.

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School Flooring

Seamless poured resin school flooring lets pupils of all ages and teaching staff move between classrooms safely.

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University Flooring

Reliable and hygienic university flooring for the whole campus, from lecture halls to student residences.

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Fire Station Flooring

Anti slip fire station flooring with smooth transitions to outside areas for rapid response rates.

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Showroom Flooring

Consistent showroom flooring outside and in to display your stock at its best.

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Hospital Flooring

Level and seamless hospital flooring to let wheelchairs and beds move easily between wards.

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Laboratory Flooring

Specialist resin laboratory flooring to cope with unique threats like chemical spills.

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Warehouse Flooring

Seamless warehouse flooring for large storage sheds and moving through to outdoor delivery/pick-up zones.

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Factory Flooring

Resin factory flooring creates a seamless surface across large open work areas for employee safety and maximum productivity.

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Engineering Flooring

Tough engineering flooring with primers to protect against oil spills and other harsh chemicals

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Retail Flooring

Durable and attractive resin floors for retail premises with aesthetic finishes to suit your branding

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