Bund Lining & Concrete Protection

Chemical resistant resin flooring is a specialised type of flooring system designed to withstand exposure to various chemicals without degrading, corroding, or deteriorating. This type of flooring is commonly used in industrial, laboratory, and manufacturing settings where there is a risk of chemical spills, as well as in facilities that require strict hygiene and cleanliness standards. You can be rest assured of MTF Ltd’s vast experience and expertise in chemical resistant flooring, ensuring the highest level of protection against chemical damage in your industrial or specialised facility.

MTF have all of the necessary expertise and specialist equipment to clean and prepare existing surfaces ready for your chemical resistant/bund lining installation to be carried out. Once we are satisfied that the existing surface is in the right state to accept the resin, we will install the agreed system ensuring that it is smooth and free from any imperfections.

We work at a mutually agreeable time to minimise and hopefully eliminate any downtime for your operations, and we work quickly but efficiently to get the job done to a high standard with no mess left behind.

As always, we aim not only to give you a high-quality chemical resistant finish that will remain durable for many years to come, but also to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, so that ongoing operations are not affected.

Benefits of Bund Lining

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It provides a protective barrier against chemical spills, preventing damage to the underlying substrate.

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Chemical-resistant floors are typically more durable and long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent replacements or repairs.

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They help maintain a safe working environment by preventing chemical spills from seeping into the floor and creating slip hazards.

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Easy Maintenance

These floors are generally easy to clean and maintain, which saves time and effort.

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Regulatory Compliance

Many industries require chemical-resistant flooring to meet safety and environmental regulations.

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Enhanced Aesthetics

Allows the business to maintain a visually appealing environment despite the harsh industrial conditions.

We would be happy to build you a bespoke solution with our experienced team, to make your vision a reality.

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