Industrial Flooring & Waterproofing Specialists

Based in the North West of England, MTF Ltd provide specialist industrial flooring solutions across the UK and Channel Islands. With over 20 years of industry experience, you can confidently rely on our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional results, ensuring your project is in capable hands. Our comprehensive range of specialist services includes high performance car park waterproofing, resilient resin flooring, durable and robust industrial flooring, and innovative warehouse and factory flooring solutions.

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Aerial image of a multi-storey car park with MTF flooring and parking bays

Car Parks

Car park waterproofing ranges from single-level parking lots to multi-storey car park blocks with complex connecting ramps and one-way routes.
Resin flooring inside industrial setting with glossy finish for a glossy finish

Resin Flooring

Comprising a mixture of epoxy, polyurethane & other resinous materials, resin flooring offers a seamless, smooth, and often glossy surface that not only adds a touch of sophistication but also provides robust performance.
Industrial flooring inside a factory or warehouse with machinery

Industrial Flooring

MTF can give you an industrial flooring solution that helps your productivity, rather than hindering it. With a smooth, tough surface that can withstand any vehicles and lifting equipment that needs to pass over it.