Car Park Flooring & Line Markings

MTF Ltd has over 10 years of car park waterproofing industry experience, and are proud winners of the 2020 & 2023 Best Car Park of the Year Awards (BPA). We are approved applicators of all major industry manufacturers and can therefore provide an array of bespoke solutions that suit your requirements. We meticulously design our project schedules, actively involving our clients to tailor programs to their specific needs and preferences, ensuring seamless alignment.

Car park waterproofing systems represent a cutting-edge approach to surfacing in parking facilities. These advanced flooring solutions are engineered to endure the heavy wear and tear associated with vehicle traffic, providing exceptional durability, resistance to chemicals, and an array of design options to meet the unique demands of modern parking areas.

Benefits of Car Park Waterproofing Systems

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Protection Against Water Damage

Prevents water ingress into the structure, which can lead to corrosion, deterioration and weakening of the building materials.

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Extended Structural Lifespan

By minimising water damage, the integrity of the structure is preserved, leading to a longer lifespan, and reducing the need for repairs.

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Reduced Maintenance Costs

Waterproofing helps to decrease the frequency and extent of maintenance required to address water-ingress issues, saving money over time.

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Enhanced Safety

Minimises the risk of structural failures or accidents caused by water-induced deterioration, ensuring the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

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Preservation of Aesthetics

Prevents unsightly water stains, mould and vegetation growth, helping to maintain the appearance of the car park and surrounding areas.

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Increased Property Value

A well maintained and protected car park adds value to the property, enhancing its attractiveness to potential buyers or tenants.

We would be happy to build you a bespoke solution with our experienced team, to make your vision a reality.

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