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Triflex & Tremco approved roofing contractors

At Thelwell Flooring Ltd we are authorised suppliers and installers of liquid roofing & waterproofing approved Triflex & Tremco solutions.

Triflex and Tremco manufacture the very best in cold applied liquid coating systems are suitable for both new builds & refurbishments. From highly versatile and durable weatherproof roofing, to ultra rapid cure times. We’ll provide you with the ideal, cost effective solution based on your unique needs.


We are approved Tremco installation flat roofing contractors. Below are 2 systems that we are approved to install – There are also benefits listed about each system.


Alpha Guard® Bio is a two-part, polyurethane, liquid applied roofing system that can turn your older but still functional roof into a long-lasting, highly efficient weatherproofing system for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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AlphaGuard® PUMA is a roofing repair system used to restore a variety of existing roof types and is also used as a new or existing roof replacement waterproofing system.

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We are Triflex systems approved liquid applied roofing contractors – Below are the different systems we are approved to install. Being Triflex authorised roofing contractors allows us to provide advanced polymer chemistry, delivering technical excellence and exceptional waterproofing integrity. Please contact us for any further details


ProDetail is a proven, high quality solution for a fast, easy and seamless waterproofing system of virtually all details, including upstands, gutters, cut edge corrosion and roof penetrations.

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ProFibre is a system with ultra-rapid cure times, even at low temperatures and unsurpassed levels of substrate compatibility.

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RoofTec is a system that can be used for everything from standard roofing and details to basement and foundation waterproofing.

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ProTect is an ultra-versatile, highly durable roof waterproofing solution, suitable for both refurbishment and new-build, and is compatible with almost all roof build-ups and existing substrates, including single ply.

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