Chemical Resistant Flooring

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All industrial flooring has its own unique challenges, but it’s especially important to get chemical resistant surfaces right to avoid any damage and potential injury during a future spill.

Poured resin flooring has some natural advantages for chemical resistant surfaces – it’s hard wearing, with no seams for chemicals and other fluids to penetrate, and it’s very easy to clean too.

With Thelwell Flooring’s expertise, you can rest assured that your surface will withstand even harsh chemicals, with suitable primer layers underneath to prevent any spills from penetrating into the ground below.

Chemical resistant resin are some of the most challenging projects we work on, but they also offer some of the best satisfaction of a job well done, and of knowing that your premises have been fitted out with a floor that makes it as safe as possible to move around and get work done.

Benefits of chemical resistant resin flooring

  • Hard wearing and tough against future chemical spills.
  • Seamless – no weak spots for chemicals to penetrate.
  • High contrast colours allow safe and hazardous routes to be marked out.
  • Liquid resin can be poured in hard-to-reach areas and beneath existing equipment.

How we lay chemical resistant flooring

As with any resin project, we take a look at your premises and your existing surface and prepare it in the right way for the resin to be poured on top.

This can include removing any previous chemical spills, secondary floor finishes and so on, to expose the original surface underneath – this is then roughened up so that the resin can grip it better.

We can add a primer layer, for instance, to protect against oil, damp or to give some defence against future chemical spills. We can also add line markings and other demarcation, to highlight hazardous areas or no-go zones, and to show evacuation routes and emergency exits.

If you have had a chemical spill that has damaged your current floor, we can also clean this up and pour a new chemical resistant resin to repair the damage and provide future protection as well.

 Chemical Resistant Flooring

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We ensure that all commercial flooring installed is tailored to suit each clients individual needs taking into account budget and time constraints, life expectancy of products, nature of the use of the premises and key criteria required for the use of the floor such as:
  • Slip Resistance
  • Impact and Abrasion resistance
  • Hygienic Performance
  • Durability and Longevity
  • Decorative finishes
  • Chemical resistance
  • Ease to clean and maintain