Bund Lining

Thelwell Flooring are bund lining contractors capable of installing highly durable, corrosion and chemical resistant resin bund linings in all kinds of facilities.


Whether you need a waterproof bund lining for a wet room or storage tank, or you need the corrosion resistant properties of our most durable resin flooring, we can give you a bund lining that will contain the necessary fluids effectively without failing.

Thelwell Flooring provide all of the equipment needed to achieve the best quality of finish; we also supply the manpower and can carry out cleaning and preparatory work on the existing surface, if there is one.

If you have an existing bund in need of repair or replacement, resin bund linings are a good option as they can often be poured over an existing damaged surface and naturally fill in any cracks or open seams.

We are happy to advise on the best options for bund replacement or new bund linings in new-build premises.



Benefits of bund lining

• Seamless surface covers base and wraps up sides of bund with no joins or overlaps.
• Hard-wearing resin resists corrosion and needs little maintenance or cleaning.
• Rapid installation means little to no downtime for ongoing operations.
• Very high resistance to both aggressive chemicals and physical wear and tear.

Our bund lining service

We offer a complete bund lining service, and can assess your existing bund lining or under surface and advise on any necessary preparatory work to ensure a good and even bond with the poured resin.

Thelwell Flooring have all of the necessary expertise and specialist equipment to clean and prepare existing surfaces ready for your resin bund lining installation to be carried out.

Once we are satisfied that the existing surface is in the right state to accept the resin, we will pour your new bund lining and ensure that it is smooth and free from any imperfections.

We can work at a mutually agreeable time to minimise and hopefully eliminate any downtime for your operations, and we work quickly but efficiently to get the job done to a high standard with no mess left behind for you to clean up.

As always, we aim not only to give you a high-quality bund lining that will remain durable for many years to come, but also to get you back up and running as quickly as possible so ongoing operations are not affected.

Bund Lining Flooring

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