Triflex Pro tect


We are Triflex systems approved liquid applied roofing contractors. Being Triflex authorised roofing contractors allows us to provide advanced polymer chemistry, delivering technical excellence and exceptional waterproofing integrity. Please contact us for any further details

The most important part of any roof is the waterproofing system as without an effective and long lasting solution the building is vulnerable to water ingress and the risk of damage to the building fabric.


is an ultra-versatile, highly durable roof waterproofing solution, suitable for both refurbishment and new-build, and is compatible with almost all roof build-ups and existing substrates, including single ply. Triflex ProTect is suitable for virtually all roofing applications. The significant costs, risks and disruption associated with removal of the existing membrane can be eliminated as the system is compatible with and can be used to overlay almost all roof substrates.

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