Peterborough Car Dealership Factory – New Deckmaster ID Flooring

Peterborough Car Dealership Factory – New Deckmaster ID Flooring

A refurbished car dealership factory in Peterborough gets a bright new blue look with the help of the Deckmaster ID flooring system and Thelwell Flooring.

A car dealership factory in Peterborough has been fitted with new Deckmaster ID flooring by Thelwell Flooring. The factory refurbishment benefits from a floor that is flat and uniform, low maintenance and attractive in appearance.

Extensive Preparation

Before work began, the 13,500 square metre floor surface was extensively prepared, with a new surface liquid damp-proof membrane (DPM) applied to help control moisture ingress.

The floor was also levelled using an industrial Uzin floor screed to create a uniform surface for the Deckmaster ID system to be installed upon.

Deckmaster ID is ideal for use in premises where the relative humidity of the substrate layer is very high, with the DPM forming a physical barrier against the moisture content of the concrete below.

Deckmaster ID Installation

Working on a newly screeded surface meant Thelwell Flooring were able to create a very flat, uniform floor surface using the Deckmaster ID system.

In the initial stage, 5,500 square metres of Deckmaster flooring was laid in a blue and grey colour scheme, before the remaining 8,000 square metres were completed.

Thelwell Flooring are then due to move on to further work for the same client as they continue to refurbish their premises and facilities.

Benefits of Deckmaster ID

The Deckmaster ID flooring system has several beneficial characteristics:

  • Low odour and cold application.
  • High UV and chemical resistance.
  • Easy to clean and maintain over time.
  • Resistance to chloride and CO2.
  • Compatible with line marking systems.

Its rugged performance under heavy traffic means Deckmaster flooring can last for years or even decades in environments like automobile factories and car parks, with minimal maintenance and little to no degradation in appearance.

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Posted on

29th August 2019