New Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport – car park waterproofing

New Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport – car park waterproofing

A large multi storey car park was constructed for Manchester Airport in 2018. Thelwell Flooring were approached to provide a solution suitable for vehicle traffic in very consistent high volumes as is expected at an international airport.  This would be a waterproof deck coating with long lasting resistance and clearly marked vehicle and pedestrian areas.

The flooring proposal

Mike Thelwell flooring Ltd as an approved applicator for Triflex UK put forward our proposal of installing the PROPARK HD system with a 12 year warranty for this project which was accepted by all parties and we were successfully awarded the contract.

After consultations with the Client, architect and main contractor a decision was made that only a system accredited to EN1504 part 2 would be considered.  These systems are tested and certified to provide the highest performance and crack bridging technology available. It was decided this would be the best product to provide a safe floor for the constant stream of vehicle and pedestrian traffic flowing through the multistory car park.

Adverse weather conditions

Due to a few unrelated delays we had to start the installation late in November. Thankfully February 2019 was actually a very good month for weather and the installation was completed within program for March 2019.

Because of this delay, we had to be very observant to weather reports and ensure that the rain, snow or freezing temperatures would not effect the performance of the materials installed. To continue ahead on time and on program large scaffold canopies were erected with electric heaters to maintain some progress on site in some on the worse elements.

The efficient Thelwell installation process

To install the PROPARK HD system, we needed to mechanically prepare the new concrete slabs to ensure a clean substrate for an effective bond which would be long lasting and not prone to warp.  On-site testing was carried out in all areas.

We monitored the adhesive stretch on resin to concrete to make sure it was at least 1.5n or above, and that the moisture content was below 5% and all within the parameters of the Triflex resin system. This is part of our stringent ISO9001 quality assurance system to ensure we install the very highest quality flooring system which can be relied on for years to come.


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24th May 2019