A new Deckmaster car park at The University of Brighton

A new Deckmaster car park at The University of Brighton

University of Brighton gets a new lease of life thanks to Deckmaster resin systems being installed throughout all levels with a colour coordinated designs from floors to walls.

The University of Brighton has been fitted with new Deckmaster resin system. The University refurbishment benefits from an exposed roof level which required a crack bridging waterproof deck coating which protects the structure long-term from possible water ingress.

Deckmaster resin instillation:

Working on the University car park we installed the Deckmaster HFS ID system to 5 levels each in a different colour.  

From levels 1-6 each parking bay colour and wall colour replicated the colours of the LBGT pride flag.   

To the entrance ground level which had a ground bearing asphalt we provided colour by installing Deckmaster UVR HFS direct to the surface on walkways and parking only. 

We also painted all the motorcycle parking bays, cycle storage areas, bin stores, stairs, landings and nosing, walls and signage for clarity to users of the car park.  

Benefits of the Deckmaster resin installation:

The exposed roof level required a crack bridging waterproof deck coating to protect the structure, in the long term, from the effects of water ingress.  

The Deckmaster system R conforms to EN1504-4.2, a European standard which requires products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures to meet the highest levels of quality. 

Not only does it provide the waterproofing to the high traffic surface, but also an attractive colour finish, which allows clear navigation of the area, and excellent abrasion and slip/skid resistance.

Is Chemically resistant to fuels, oil spills and potential battery acid etc that may contaminate the surface.  

About resin for car parks

Poured resin is naturally a very flat surface, highly durable under vehicle tyres, and resistant to wet weather conditions, making it perfect for an outdoor car park surface. 

It can be used on ramps without any problems, which means a seamless transition between different multi-storey levels and a consistent driving experience.

Demarcation options range from graphics embedded into the surface itself, to epoxy paints that can be added later but are still very hard wearing over prolonged periods of time.

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Posted on

7th January 2020