Harrogate Sikafloor Flooring

Harrogate Sikafloor Flooring

Thelwell Flooring installs high-quality, durable warehouse flooring in a demanding 1,200m2 warehouse environment.

This warehouse flooring project was carried out for Yorkshire Tea, the UK’s second most popular tea brand, known for producing a black tea blend which is sold to millions of customers. The company was formed back in 1886 by Charles Edward Taylor with the original founding name known as CE Taylor & Co, but since then it has been purchased by a rival known as Betty’s Tea Room.

The refurbishment of the warehouse floor took place in Harrogate, Yorkshire where the company has been based since it was established over 130 years ago.


A long term warehouse flooring solution

The client, Yorkshire Tea, contacted us about updating their existing flooring in their Harrogate factory which had become dilapidated. Over the years, the original warehouse flooring had worn down due to the use of heavy machinery and foot traffic throughout the building.

Therefore, the client requested us to install new flooring which was durable enough to withstand the long-term rigours of warehouse activity. However, the installation process had to be easy to carry out and fast-curing to ensure that production work within the factory wasn’t heavily disrupted and that the clients work could continue as planned.


Which flooring products were used in this warehouse?

Sikafloor helped us supply the solution when our client needed a new surface installed in their tea processing plant, to fix problems which had occurred over the previous years.

We began work in May, 2017 for the new development within the factory for a brand new 1,200m2 flooring which needed to be installed after the original concrete surface became cracked and broken in places. The first 1mm layer of Sikafloor PurCem 31 was installed following repairs to the original substrate which also required decontamination.

Sikafloor PurCem 31, which was used in this project, is known for being a multi-component, cement and aggregate coating with excellent abrasion, mechanical and chemical resistance. It is also solvent-free which makes it a good choice to use in an environment where food is stored or prepared and is susceptible to odour contamination. After the first coat was applied, a second layer was installed to the same measure of thickness at 1mm.


How long did the warehouse flooring refurbishment take?

The refurbishment involved in this project was carried out in several stages ensuring that all appropriate measures were taken to provide our clients with a high-quality flooring solution. The stages were carried out over a period of four months in order to minimise any disruption to our clients work and daily activities. For the contractors involved in this project, this meant weekend and out-of-hours working to ensure that newly-laid areas of flooring could meet demands for machine activity. This can then allow warehouse work to resume at the beginning of the week.


Was the project a success?

Once completed, our clients were very satisfied with the final result.

The flooring was installed in two different colours throughout our client’s warehouse, with each colour indicating different boundaries to the employees of the warehouse.

For example, the grey flooring indicated pedestrian-only areas and the blue flooring indicated areas of the plant for forklift traffic. The overall result was achieved in September 2017, with all initial expectations being met including no interruption to the plant’s production during installation. The choice of flooring proved to be an excellent option as Sikafloor 31 PurCem proved itself to be a rapid-apply, fast-curing system which was ideal for this specific project.

The final result provided the client with a high-quality, durable flooring which has met the client’s requirements for a long-term flooring solution for a demanding warehouse environment.

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Posted on

24th January 2018