Manchester Distribution Facility – New Epoxy Flooring

Manchester Distribution Facility – New Epoxy Flooring

A distribution facility in Manchester gets a fresh coat of paint from Thelwell Flooring.

Thelwell Flooring has been contacted to completely refurbish the floor of a large distribution facility based in Manchester. This 330,000 square foot area of flooring needs to be suitable for an environment of heavy traffic which is safe and easy to clean.


Preparing the Surface

The current floor is quite out of date and requires mechanical preparation via shot blasting. Shot blasting involves blasting abrasive particles at a surface and is often a standard procedure prior to applying primer and other coatings, as it helps them to securely bond with the substrate.

In addition to this, repairs need to be made to the stud and bolt holes as well as general floor repairs to the edges of the joints prior to applying the two-pack epoxy floor coating. This will ensure the flooring keeps its high functioning quality for as long as possible, as well as improving the overall safety of the working environment.


Epoxy Floor Paint

This client’s facility will be getting a two stage Epoxy PH Color treatment. The material is ideal for an area which experiences a degree of light to medium loads. If needed, Thelwell Flooring is able to incorporate coloured lines and sections to help to organise the flow of traffic safely.


Fast Turnaround

We have a short six-week turnaround to get this project completed in sections, while co-ordinating the works with the site being cleared. Epoxy floor paint is ideal for this type of a timescale and the coating can be accelerated to cure and be ready for contact within 4 hours if needed.


Does your facility floor require a new coat of paint?

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Posted on

23rd November 2018