Waterproof Outdoor Car Park Refurbishment

Waterproof Outdoor Car Park Refurbishment

Thelwell Flooring are refurbishing an outdoor car park. The objective is to leave the driving surface even, waterproof and resistant to the elements.


A long-term solution to outdoor car parking

Thelwell Flooring was approached by Waitrose and B&Q who share a car park at St Peter Port, Guernsey. The project is to entirely refurbish the outdoor car park making it waterproof and durable for the daily traffic that two major retailers can expect.


Preparing the outdoor surface

We conducted an initial assessment and were able to highlight two potential risks the current floor presented. The previously installed system was failing and lifting, and in turn allowing water to penetrate and potentially damage the structure of the car park. The unsafe previous coating was also a potential for slips and falls.

Our first task is to fully strip off the existing coating as you can see in the photograph. We are using a specialist ride on machine with a milling drum which features PCT flails to remove the coating evenly, and clean and profile the concrete below. This will then be shot blasted, a process which blasts abrasive material at the surface under extreme pressure to remove contaminants and roughen it, preparing it to take the rapid cure resin primer coat.


Installing a new car park system

Our plan is to supply and install the Tremco Illbruck standard MMA external car park system. A layer of CP150 MMA Concrete Primer is applied to the clean vacuumed surface. It is followed by the application of CP360 MMA Flexible Membrane and subsequent layers of CP581 Fleece Reinforcement. The final step is a flexible basecoat and a waterproof sealant.

A major benefit to this system is that in ideal conditions the curing time can be as little as 30 minutes. However, it can also be applied in very low temperatures. This makes it a great option to those working in the UK’s erratic weather conditions. A contractor can easily see the benefits of taking advantage of the cold winter months to complete a project such as this.

You can read about this and other flooring systems in greater detail by downloading this specification document.


If you have a car park refurbishment project lined up then Thelwell Flooring can help.

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23rd November 2018