Triflex pro detail


We are Triflex systems approved liquid applied roofing contractors. Being Triflex authorised roofing contractors allows us to provide advanced polymer chemistry, delivering technical excellence and exceptional waterproofing integrity. Please contact us for any further details.

ProDetail is a proven, high quality solution for fast and easy seamless waterproofing and surfacing system of virtually all details, including upstands, gutters, cut edge corrosion and roof penetrations.


ProDetail is a fully reinforced, cold liquid applied waterproofing whilst being ultra-fast curing, even at temperatures down to -5°C.. allowing installation to be carried out all year round in a simple, single process application. Triflex ProDetail is applied in a simple, single process and offers significantly reduced installation costs compared with multi-coat solvent-based systems and eliminating the risks of inter-layer adhesion issues. ProDetail is also compatible with virtually all substrates and can be used to waterproof the most simple to the most complex of surfaces.

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