Warehouse Flooring

Thelwell Flooring can give you warehouse flooring that helps your productivity, rather than hindering it, with a smooth, tough surface that can withstand any vehicles and lifting equipment that needs to pass over it.

Our poured resin gives a smooth and seamless finish and can even be used across the threshold from inside to outdoors, creating a consistently flat surface to carry your goods from delivery to their place inside your warehouse, or vice versa.

The durable resin surface is easy to maintain and to clean, and can be brightly coloured to bring more light into dark warehouses – we can use different coloured resins and epoxy paint for line marking and other demarcation, or simply for aesthetic appeal.

With the option to include aggregate in the epoxy mix, we can also make sure there is extra grip anywhere it is needed, to reduce the risk of foot slips or to give better purchase for tyre treads, especially on any slopes or ramps

Benefits of warehouse flooring

  • Poured resin covers large areas seamlessly and is quick to dry.
  • Creates a consistent floor surface from outdoor delivery areas through to indoor storage space.
  • Liquid resin naturally produces a level floor and can be used on ramps, slopes or to create a run-off for drainage.
  • Bright and easy to clean, but also hard wearing with oil-resistant or damp-proof primer options.

What warehouse flooring do I need?

Our expert team at Thelwell Flooring can advise on any specific needs, from colour options and aesthetic touches, to primer layers and surface finishes.

We can create a wide range of visual effects, from logos and bay numbers, to line markings and epoxy paints for surface details.

By adding a primer layer below the resin itself, we can give your industrial flooring damp-proof and oil-resistant qualities, if you are worried about moisture and spills during its future use.

We can lay it with an incline to help with drainage, as well as on slopes and ramps – or we can let the poured resin find a natural level for a very flat, smooth finish, with aggregates in the mix anywhere you want extra grip.

Warehouse Flooring

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