University Flooring

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University flooring covers the full range of uses from classrooms and lecture theatres, to food halls and residential blocks, and industrial flooring is versatile enough for all the different required purposes. As a poured resin surface, it is naturally very flat and level, with a seamless finish throughout that makes it ideal for larger areas such as dining halls, large lecture theatres and long corridors.

Seamless transitions from floor to walls make spaces easier to keep clean and generally more hygienic, while surfaces can slope gently towards drainage channels in wet rooms or anywhere else where standing water is likely to accumulate.

This can be used to prevent puddles from forming in entry ways, while a textured aggregate top surface can further improve grip for the safety of students and staff alike.

Benefits of university flooring

  • Cover large spaces with a seamless, consistent surface finish.
  • Quick-drying poured resin lets you use rooms and corridors as soon as possible.
  • Wide range of colour options enhance visual appeal, with epoxy paints to add further detail.
  • Primer layers add extra protection against damp and oil where needed.
  • Use different primers and surface finishes in different spaces – extra hygiene in food halls, extra resistance to chemicals in laboratories, and so on.

Specific university flooring types

As well as the general resin that can be used throughout your campus, there are certain specific university flooring types where resin is a good option.

For instance, resin can be used in car parks, including multi-storeys on both the flat levels and the connecting ramps, giving a completely smooth driving experience.

Resin is smooth and seamless for vehicle access elsewhere too, such as for forklift trucks in storage areas, or wheelchair access across the campus. Drainage can be incorporated into resin for wet rooms, not just in halls of residence, but also in laboratories where a wash-down room might be needed.

For any other specific university flooring types, just ask the expert Thelwell Flooring team – we are likely to be able to recommend a resin solution that will suit your needs.

University Flooring

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