Showroom Flooring

Showroom flooring often has to cover a large open area and may need to withstand vehicles driving over it to their display positions – all of which poured resin is more than capable of doing.

Resin is naturally seamless regardless of the area covered, as the liquid resin can be poured as one single installation, and this gives a unique aesthetic in wide open areas

Unusually, industrial flooring can be used both indoors and outside – this offers the rare ability to have a consistent ground surface from your car park or delivery bay right through the interior of your showroom, and softening the physical boundary between the outdoors and inside.

For premises with large sliding or folding doors, or vertical garage-style shutters, you can effectively remove the boundary completely, giving you one combined space to work with.

Resin is naturally very flat, but can also include a gentle slope – allowing for water run-off in areas exposed to the rain, or for example where vehicles will be washed down


Benefits of showroom flooring

  • Cover large areas seamlessly with fast drying poured resin.
  • Add colour, logos/branding, line marking and other graphics for aesthetic appeal and marketing.
  • Smooth, consistent surface on the flat and on slopes for both ramps and drainage.
  • Can be used outdoors – including car parks and multi-storey access ramps.
  • Aggregates can be added for even more grip in wet or slippery conditions.

Our showroom flooring service

Getting the most from your new showroom flooring will need a little preparation, but we can handle that for you. We will assess your existing floors, removing any current coverings as necessary, and roughen up the surface so that the resin sticks well in place.

Our specialist equipment can clean and texture the existing surfaces quickly and cleanly, with vacuum extraction of any dust and debris that is created.

All of our installation engineers are experienced at pouring resin for the highest possible standard of finish – and with our efficient installation, coupled with the speed with which the resin dries, your showroom will be ready to use in the shortest possible time.

Showroom Flooring

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