Retail Flooring

Retail flooring needs all of the benefits of industrial flooring – a hard wearing, non-slip surface – but with aesthetic appeal and fast installation.

Poured resin is ideal for all of these different demands, as it can be installed very quickly over an existing surface with just a little sensible preparation, which we can also carry out.

Resin can be brightly coloured and incorporate logos and other contrasting colour elements, or designs can be added later using hard wearing epoxy paints. With the addition of aggregates into the epoxy mix for the top surface of the floor, they can also be given extra grip, creating anti slip flooring for outdoor areas, inside doorways where the floor may be wet, or anywhere where you want to add to the safety of employees and customers alike. Industrial resin can of course also be used in the stock room and delivery warehouse, and other areas normally out of sight to customers. Thanks to its seamless construction, resin can be used throughout the different areas of your premises – allowing trolleys filled with stock to be wheeled directly out into the main retail space without having to negotiate any bumps or edges between the different surfaces.

Benefits of retail flooring

  • Create a vibrant, seamless surface in customer areas for maximum aesthetic appeal.
  • Provide extra grip where needed and a subtle slope to encourage water run-off into drains.
  • Use the same flooring throughout for flow between customer, back-room and outdoor areas.
  • Include logos and other branding, highlighted customer walkways and back-room zoning.

Our retail flooring service

Whereas industrial surfaces in general can be all about performance, retail flooring needs to make the right impression on customers too.

Thelwell Flooring can show you examples of our past retail projects, as well as taking into account the specific and unique needs of your premises when planning a new flooring installation.

We have all of the machinery needed to install the poured resin, as well as the expert manpower, and can arrange to carry out the work at a convenient time to minimise any disruption to your opening hours.

Retail Flooring

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