Laboratory Flooring

Laboratory flooring can serve lots of different purposes, from textured surfaces that allow for a firm grip under foot, to treatments that can resist oil and other spills, or that allow any spilt liquids to run off easily into drainage channels

The particular type of laboratory flooring you need will depend on the type of laboratory and the work you carry out there, but poured resin industrial flooring is a versatile option for any kind of work. It’s a modern, performance material, which creates a hard wearing surface free from any seams or edges that could crack or peel over time and harbour dirt or cause a trip hazard.

For extra hygienic laboratory flooring, we can incorporate a gentle slope towards drains to allow a wet wash of the floor, as well as a seamless transition from the floor to the walls so there are no straight corners for dirt to collect in

Benefits of resin laboratory flooring

  • Quick and easy to lay on new and existing floors.
  • Seamless surface and optional seamless transition to walls.
  • Optional run-off slope towards drainage channels.
  • Primer layers can add resilience to damp, oil and other spills.
  • Hard wearing and easy to clean.

What laboratory flooring do I need?

Thelwell Flooring will be happy to consult on the best type of laboratory surface for your needs, including any primer layer to go beneath the poured resin.

We always carry out appropriate floor preparation work before pouring the resin – this ensures any old floor covering is removed and the exposed surface is roughed up, improving the bond between the resin and the subsurface. In cases where deep cleaning or regular steam cleaning will be needed, we can pour a thicker resin layer, which will be able to withstand even quite invasive cleaning processes without damage or premature wear and tear.

The exact type of laboratory surface you need will depend on what you want from it – but with our expert help, we can make sure that your new floor gives you all of the usual advantages of this performance material, along with any desirable extra features.

Laboratory Flooring

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