Engineering Flooring

Engineering flooring faces some of the hardest challenges, from heavy equipment and vehicles rolling over it, to exposure to harsh chemicals and other hazardous substances.

Poured resin gives you a smooth, seamless surface that is able to stand up to any test, with primer layers below to give extra protection against specific threats like oil or damp, and surface treatments to give extra grip or remove static charges.

Thelwell Flooring have all of the specialist equipment needed to install engineering flooring to the highest standard, as well as the technical expertise to get the job done quickly and cleanly.

We can clean and prepare existing industrial flooring to make it ready for resin to be poured on top – so that your new surface is not just a cover-up of old damaged flooring, but is properly adhered to it for a completely smooth, durable finish that will outlast the usual expected life span.



Benefits of engineering flooring

  • Create a durable, hard wearing surface for foot traffic, vehicles and heavy equipment.
  • Use primers to protect against damp and oil.
  • Textured top surfaces give extra grip and can resist water ingress and static charges.
  • ‘Mix and match’ different features and finishes to create a surface that is perfectly fit for purpose.

Extra features of engineering flooring

We can provide you with an engineering surface that suits your needs, whatever they may be, and we are always happy to advise on any specific primers or surface finishes we think will give a better end result.

Thicker resin can withstand deeper cleaning for longer – so if your floor will need to be steam cleaned regularly, for instance, this may be a good option for you.

We also offer line marking and painting with tough epoxy paints, and this ensures that any safe areas and nogo zones are clearly highlighted directly on your newly laid floor.

Inside and out, this lets you clearly mark out different zones, walkways, driving routes and other warnings on the surface, using bright colours that will not fade or wear away over time.


Engineering Flooring

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