Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring has applications in a diverse range of different commercial premises, from retail shops to warehouses, and from offices to laboratories

In many cases we can offer a specific surface finish for the unique demands of your premises – for example, resistance to oil for commercial automotive businesses, or anti static flooring for the electronics trade.

But our general commercial flooring service is a great starting point if you’re not sure if your premises need anything specific.

You’ll still get all of the advantages of poured resin – durability, bright colours and a seamless finish – and we’ll be happy to advise on whether you need any extra primers or textures for enhanced grip.

Once the industrial flooring is installed, we can also offer epoxy paint and line markings to add any secondary information, for example to mark out certain areas for specific uses.

Benefits of resin commercial flooring

A good hard wearing option for all general commercial purposes.
• Easy to clean and maintain, with options to add colour, grip and other characteristics.
• Primers can be used beneath the surface to defend against damp and oil.
• Adheres to an existing surface and can cover a multitude of sins.
• Seamless finish for maximum safety and aesthetic appeal

Our commercial flooring service

Thelwell Flooring have the expert manpower and specialist equipment to prepare commercial floors for poured resin, including any necessary primer layers and surface finishes. We can help you to decide exactly what characteristics your floor needs – for example, resistance to oil or damp, or finishing touches like epoxy paint, branding images and other markings. Before we pour the liquid resin, we will make sure that the previous surface has been roughened up, giving a more textured surface so that the resin can bond firmly in place. All of our work is carried out to the highest standards, to leave you with commercial flooring that is ready to use as quickly as possible, but will remain in good condition well beyond the usual expected lifespan.

Commerical Flooring

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