TREMCO Alpha Guard® PUMA


We are approved Tremco installation flat roofing contractors. We are approved to install the Alpha Guard®PUMA system and Alpha Guard® Bio system. The Tremco roofing system range is versatile and resilient, with weatherproofing solutions that can both be applied to new roofs and restore existing ones.

Alpha Guard®PUMA is ideal for building owners and contractors who need a roofing solution that can be installed efficiently even in sub-zero weather, cures quickly and waterproofs completely.

AlphaGuard® PUMA

AlphaGuard® PUMA is a roofing repair system used to restore a variety of existing roof types and is also used as a new or existing roof replacement waterproofing system. PUMA is a unique polyurethane/methyl methacrylate blend, exhibiting superior flexibility and elongation. PUMA is fully reinforced with either glass mat or polyester membrane. AlphaGuard® PUMA is completely waterproof after 30 minutes, accepts foot traffic after two hours and is an excellent cold weather system, able to be installed down to 0°C. This system can be applied both manually and via spray application.

System Benefits:

  •         Combines the flexibility and crack
  •         bridging of PU and the key benefits of
  •         MMA resins
  •         Very fast curing wet on wet
  •         application – all coats can be applied
  •         in 1 day
  •         Wide application temperature range –
  •         0°C to + 30°C
  •         100% solids – no shrinkage
  •         Direct application without primer to
  •         most roof substrates
  •         No hazardous hot works on site
  •         ETAG 005 certified

AlphaGuard® PUMA System

  •         CP380 AlphaGuard® PUMA
  •         Membrane
  •         CP582 Polyester Fabric
  •         CP585 AlphaGuard® Glass Mat
  •         CP930 Coloured Sealer (Optional)

Roof Types

  •         Warm Roof
  •         Cold Roof
  •         Inverted Roof
  •         Metal Roof
  •         Green Roof
  •         Other Roof Types


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