TREMCO Alpha Guard® Bio


We are approved Tremco installation flat roofing contractors. We are approved to install the Alpha Guard® Bio system and Alpha Guard®PUMA system. The Tremco roofing system range is versatile and resilient, with weatherproofing solutions that can both be applied to new roofs and restore existing ones.

The Alpha Guard® Bio system fulfils various roofing needs, including restoring structural concrete, BUR, MB and single ply roofs.  This system is also successful and long-lasting installations on vegetated  and  IRMA roofs, as well as new construction and liquid flashing membrane for new roofs.

Alpha Guard® Bio

Alpha Guard® Bio is a two-part, polyurethane, liquid applied roofing system that can turn your older but still functional roof into a long-lasting, highly efficient weatherproofing system for a fraction of the cost of replacement. This unique, easily applied, versatile, durable and technologically advanced system is also a great choice for property development, as it meets the need for a flat roofing installation system that is tough on moisture but easy on the budget and the contractor’s resources. Alpha Guard BIO is a very low odour, chemically cured, full or partial reinforced roofing system distinguished by its high bio-based content. It is ideally suited for situations that demand high-performance roofs but where odour is problematic, such as school and hospital projects.

System Benefits

  •         Very low odour
  •         Cold applied – no naked flame
  •         Easy application by brush, roller or
  •         squeegee
  •         High thermal resistance
  •         Excellent cold-weather flexibility,
  •         tensile strength and elongation
  •         properties
  •         Very good resistance to chemicals,
  •         traffic, hail and mould/mildew/fungus
  •         Easy to maintain and repair –
  •         sustainable long-term roofing solution.

AlphaGuard® BIO System

  •         CP720 AlphaGuard® Bio Basecoat
  •         CP820 AlphaGuard® Bio Topcoat
  •         CP120 AlphaGuard® Primer
  •         CP130 AlphaGuard® M-Prime
  •         CP135 AlphaGuard® WB Primer
  •         CP582 Polyester Fabric
  •         CP585 AlphaGuard® Glass Mat

Roof Types

  •         Warm Roof
  •         Cold Roof
  •         Inverted Roof


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